Lesaffre Zimbabwe targets SADC region


Clive Makumbe

Yeast manufacturer Lesaffre Zimbabwe is set to expand its operations into the regional market since it has invested US$10 million towards the upgrade of its plant thus increasing its production capacity to 80%.

The company will expand its processes into South Africa and Mozambique among other Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries following its penetration into Zambia and Malawi.

General manager of Lesaffre Zimbabwe, Munyaradzi Mutsvairo said since the company was looking into spreading their processes in Zambia and Malawi since they were now operating at 80% production capacity.

“I am advised that Lesaffre already exports the products to Zambia and Malawi, with South Africa, Mozambique and other Sadc countries under consideration for exports.

“We need US$350 000 per month to import raw materials and the foreign raw materials constitute about 40% of the company’s inputs,” he said.

Mutsvairo added that, the firm has diversified its operations into farming to minimize costs of raw materials as well as produce wheat for their bakery division in these harsh economic environment.

“Through our investment in livestock pastures and crop production at Geluck farm, the economy will be provided with the much-needed yeast and premixes into the baking and brewing industry, and produces waste through a 11km pipeline umbilical cord.

“This innovation is not only environmentally-friendly and sustainable, but also improves production and productivity as a whole,” he said

Since the acquisition, Lesaffre has also commissioned a backing centre in Workington Harare to offer expertise in baking through training, technical support, product and process development and commercial presentation of the products.

The Baking Centre is expected to play a pivotal role in the development of the baking industry in Zimbabwe and the region through innovation, research and development and provision of appropriate training.

The facility was the group’s first training centre in Southern Africa as part of a concept developed in France in 1974 which has grown into more than 35 centres present on five continents.

Lesaffre Group is a multi-national firm and global leader in the manufacture of yeast and fermentation products with a presence in over 180 countries and a turnover of more than US$2.23 billion.

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