Health Minister pays 50K (cash) bail amid cash crisis


Staff Reporter

Controversial Health and Child Welfare Minister, Dr Obadiah Moyo has sparked outrage on social media when he paid $50 000 bail in cash.

Dr Moyo who was arrested last Friday for alleged criminal abuse of office in connection with US$6 million tender to Drax International for the supply of Covid-19 test kits and equipment.

Later was handed a $50 000 ZWL bail the following day after it emerged that President Mnangagwa had allegedly ordered his immediate release.

At court, Moyo was given an option to pay his bail through the use of an ATM card, which he gladly did, leaving his aides to carry back the cash and reload it into one of his four luxury state-issued vehicles that had accompanied him to court.

The minister’s gesture comes when ordinary people are sleeping outside banking halls to withdraw a maximum of $1 000 a week which means one needs 50 weeks to withdraw $50 000.

The development also comes amid reports that government officials are the ones injecting cash into the parallel market leaving banks with little cash to give clients.

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